IVF an d gender selection in Europe

IVF and gender selection in Europe

It is not uncommon that some couples wish to have a baby girl or a baby girl. Not so long ago gender selection was not possible but, nowadays, thanks to advanced science and medicine such additional procedure is available to IVF patients. Many American celebrities have taken the fate into their hands and picked the gender of their unborn children. Modern reproductive technologies are changing the world and have opened up completely new opportunities.

IVF sex / gender selection techniques are not allowed in most countries in Europe.

In most of the european countries one cannot interfere with the embryo’s genome until it is established that the parents have genetic diseases and the likelihood of having a sick child is high. To carry out such actions – gender selection – a permission from the national commission is required. In Ukraine, legislation allows such interference. We are experts in this field and our conclusion is enough to conduct pre-implantation diagnosis and prevent the appearance of anomalies in the child’s genome, leading to hereditary diseases and congenital pathologies.

Today, using the IVF + sex selection program offered by Feskov Human Reproduction Group in Ukraine, a married couple can plan the gender of their baby and also have a DNA test done for hereditary diseases. The goal of this program is to ensure that intended parents have an absolutely healthy baby of a specified gender.

IVF Gender selection – who is it for?

An Italian couple that runs a successful restaurant business in Sicily has contacted Feskov Human Reproduction Group. For a long time, their career was a priority for them, but it was time to think about a child, an heir who would someday take their place and manage the family business. To accomplish this, they needed the help of reproductive specialists. The couples visited clinics in America, Georgia, and Russia. However, they experienced a series of failures: either all the embryos turned out to be female embryos, or the transfer of the embryo into the uterus did not lead to pregnancy. The family was desperate but was almost about to quit, but they heard about the Feskov Human Reproduction Group, and decided to make another attempt. Soon the long-awaited heir named Fabio appeared in the family.

The selection of the child’s gender is important not only for those who need a heir for the future prosperity of the family. The couple may want the boy to be born first, because they believe that he should become a protector for the girl they are planning later. Or, on the contrary, the parents have long dreamed about a girl, but boys are born in the family. If you preselect the sex of the child, you can establish the gender balance you need in the family.

The need to select sex can be a necessary measure in cases where there is a risk of transmission of hereditary diseases that are linked to sex. For example, girls can inherit Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome, and boys can have hemophilia. The list of dangerous genetic diseases that can seriously damage the child’s health and significantly reduce their quality of life is quite long. Those diseases can be avoided by “programming” the desired sex of the child at embryo stage.

It does not matter for what reason you need to select the sex of the child in advance. It is important that now you can do it, using the achievements of modern reproductive science and contacting the Feskov Human Reproduction Group.

IVF sex selection – how does it work?

In order to select the sex of the child, it is necessary to carry out an IVF procedure and perform genetic testing of the embryo. First, with the help of a puncture, the mature eggs ready for fertilization are extracted from the woman’s body. Then, in vitro, with the help of ICSI technology, the eggs are fertilized with partner’s sperm.

A few days later, genetic screening of the obtained embryos is carried out, which allows to determine the sex chromosomes with an accuracy of 100% and to select the sex of the child. Once the desired embryo is selected, it is placed in the woman’s uterus and pregnancy starts ending with the birth of a child of the desired sex.

Additional benefits of IVF + gender selection services

A technique that allows you to select sex has very important additional benefits. During genetic screening, the complete chromosome set is examined. This allows identification of all structural abnormalities and selection of an embryo with a normal chromosomal set.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis makes it possible to exclude such genetic diseases as Down’s syndrome, trisomy, muscular dystrophy, sickle cell anemia and other serious diseases which are hereditary. Thanks to science, patients now can have a completely healthy baby without genetically determined disorders. Preimplantation diagnosis can also reduce the risk of multiple pregnancy and increase the likelihood of pregnancy after embryo transfer.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group is a reproductive clinic that has a foundation in the UK with a production cycle of services in Ukraine and the Czech Republic. This allows you to use guaranteed services in the field of human genomics, human reproduction, gender selection at a fixed price to achieve the result without additional fees and risks.

You are provided with unique services in the field of human reproduction, because the Feskov Human Reproduction Group learned to reproduce all the best that nature creates, and, using the latest scientific developments, to fulfill your dreams.

The technology of sex selection and pre-implantation diagnosis at the embryo stage is a complicated process. Other clinics do not offer these services because they cannot guarantee the results. We have learned how to keep the embryo formation under control, eliminate severe hereditary diseases, select the necessary characteristics for a future child and achieve a guaranteed result.

You can use our special service in human genomics to make your dream about parenthood come true. At the same time, your baby is guaranteed not to have clinically significant mutations that can manifest themselves in diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, endocrine, mental diseases, as well as other diseases and congenital malformations.

How does it all work?

A patient chooses to have the IVF service + sex selection. We determine your reproductive potential, conduct a study of your DNA to determine whether it is possible in your case to select sex, whether it makes sense that a born girl or boy does not have diseases linked to sex.

The IVF program is being carried out, with the clinic taking full responsibility for the onset of pregnancy. If the pregnancy does not start or is terminated, we continue to work with you until we reach the result and we will be with you until the moment of birth.

If the female patient is over 45 years old and she cannot use her own eggs to form an embryo, she has an option of using egg donor and her partner’s sperm. In this case, the child will contain 50% of the genes of your family.

The IVF clinic will select for you a genetically perfect egg donor. The clinic will take into account your wishes in terms of donor’s appearance, height, weight, ethnicity, etc. The clinic has the largest number of egg donors in Ukraine, which are very rigorously selected, so you will have the opportunity to find “your” donor who has the greatest phenotypic similarity to you and, at the same time, healthy genetics.

Have you had hereditary cancer? We will select an egg donor for you, with “clean” genes to reduce the risk of developing oncology. Does baldness run in your family? We will find an egg donor for you who comes from a family with very healthy hair.

We guarantee that your donor has no hereditary diseases, including cancer, mental, endocrinological, and this will be confirmed by DNA test. No one will tell about a person better than their DNA. We can read this source of information and select the best DNA for your child without any genetic diseases.

At our clinic you can also use the services of a surrogate mother. We have our own large base of surrogate mothers. All of them have passed strict selection, are healthy, trustworthy, are in a good physical and mental shape. You will have the opportunity to choose from our database not only from the photo, but also personally meet and speak with the candidates you like before making your choice.

You will be able to closely monitor the course of pregnancy, see how the embryo develops, communicate with the surrogate mother and feel involved in the pregnancy. When the time of birth comes, you will be there and you will see the birth of your long-awaited baby.

Full legal support – guarantee of legality of reproductive services

Feskov Human Reproduction Group not only guarantees the birth of a healthy child of the desired sex, but also provides full legal support.

We work in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, we know, respect and comply with the laws of European countries. After the labor you will receive an official birth certificate of the child, where you are listed as genetic parents, and in the consulate you will receive a travel document. You will continue the subsequent formal processes of registration of the child in your own country. We will work together with your lawyers or provide our lawyers in your country for the final paperwork.

People always want to look into tomorrow and dream of knowing the future of their family. Our technology allows you to plan in advance the sex of the child, take control of their future in health aspects, protect them from a number of dangerous genetic diseases, and provide them with a healthy inheritance base that will give them every chance to have healthy children of their own some day.

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