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IVF in Ukraine

IVF in Ukraine – infertility treatments 

IVF clinics in Ukraine are becoming more popular with international patients who want to undergo IVF treatment, IVF with egg donation or surrogacy. Over 30 IVF clinics currently operate in this country, and many of them treat international patients with success. One of the main factors as to why international patients choose IVF treatment in Ukraine is the affordable cost of procedures. IVF clinics in Ukraine also offer packages that include additional services such as accommodation or transport. 

IVF clinics are based throughout the country, but a few top clinics are situated in Kiev, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. 

International couples who choose to undergo surrogacy, IVF or IVF with  egg donation in Ukraine, can be sure that they be treated by the most experienced infertility specialist with rich experience in the area of reproductive medicine. 


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