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IVF Clinics in Spain

IVF treatment in Spain – what you should know 

IVF in Spain is becoming  increasingly popular because of excellent reputation of fertility clinics. International patients, who choose Spain to undergo the best IVF can expect :

- affordable prices and top notch infertility treatments;
- advanced reproductive techniques;
- high success rates that are over 60%.  

In Spain IVF clinics are situated throughout the country, and few of them are based in Barcelona, which is an amazing city to visit. The cost of infertility treatment in Spain starts from 4,000 Euros. 

The vast majority of Spanish IVF clinics are private, perfectly equipped and ISO certified. Spanish fertility clinics offer wide range of infertility treatments, also for lesbian couples and egg donor programs with no waiting lists. 

International patients who choose IVF in Spain usually appreciate patient-centred approach combined with state-of-the art assisted reproductive technologies. 

If you wish to undergo cheap IVF in Spain, you will find a list of Spanish fertility clinics below along with reviews and stars. 


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  • Clinica Tambre

    Review based on 4 reviews Success rates: 50 %
    Spain IVF from
    4000 EUR
    4480 USD
    3440 GBP
  • CREA

    Success rates: 71.4 %
    Spain IVF from
    4905 EUR
    5494 USD
    4218 GBP
  • FIV Marbella

    Review based on 8 reviews Success rates: 50 %
    Spain IVF from
    5000 EUR
    5600 USD
    4300 GBP
  • Ginemed

    Review based on 6 reviews Success rates: 50 %
    Spain IVF from
    3195 EUR
    3578 USD
    2748 GBP