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IVF in Poland

IVF Poland - the cheapest IVF in Europe 

Poland as a fertility destination is becoming very popular, particularly with patients from the UK, the US, Ireland and Scandinavian countries. Over 35 IVF clinics currently operate in Poland, offering one of the cheapest IVF treatments in Europe. The cheapest infertility treatments do not mean poor quality procedures. IVF clinics in Poland achieve one of the highest success rates, higher even than in the UK. 

International patients who wish to undergo IVF in Poland, can be sure they will get treatment of the highest quality. Polish infertility clinics are regularly inspected, and some of them are ISO certified. There is no legal obligation to report success rates, but top fertility clinics in Poland report their results to ESHRE and publish achieved success rates on their websites. 

Polish fertility clinics are based throughout the country, and the majority of them in beautiful Polish cities that also attract many international tourists. 

So, if you are searching for low cost IVF treatment with outstanding service, IVF clinics in Poland are the way to go. 

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