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IVF in Greece

IVF Greece - safety and high success rates 

Nowadays the number of families who experience problems with conceiving is rapidly growing. Unfortunately, such couples cannot rely on the NHS, and because of long waiting time they cannot receive the treatment they need.  Undergoing IVF at fertility clinics in Greece might be an option. 

No matter what treatment (IVF or egg donation) you need, you can know without a doubt that you will get the best fertility treatments, if you choose Greek fertility clinics. 

You can also be sure that you will get the safest  fertility treatments, as the Ministry of Health inspects IVF clinics without any notice.  In Greece IVF clinics are not obliged to submit success rates, however the best IVF clinics submit their results to ESHRE. The vast majority of Greek IVF clinics achieve very high success rated due to sophisticated equipment and personalised treatment

IVF and egg donation in Greece – affordable prices 

In many cases the cost of infertility treatment can decimate the family budget. However, in Greece tests, examinations, IVF and egg donation are affordable without sacrificing high standards. In Greece IVF costs from 3,000 Euros and is comparable to IVF prices in countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Russia or Ukraine. 

Greece is one of the most popular IVF destinations among international patients who seek high quality treatment, experienced fertility specialists and amazing views.


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