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IVF in  Cyprus

IVF in Cyprus – the perfect destination 

All over the world the number of patients who are experiencing difficulties in conceiving is rapidly growing.  More than that if a woman wishes to undergo IVF treatment, she might be disappointed by procedures or waiting time that the NHS offers.  So, is there any solution? Low cost IVF in treatment is an excellent alternative for those who wish to have high quality treatment and not to decimate  the budget.  Even taking into account additional expenses such as accommodation or travelling, a couple will pay a fraction of what it would cost in the UK or the US. 

In Cyprus IVF clinics offer an integrated approach to infertility treatment and latest technologies. 

IVF in Cyprus – success rates and cost 

Does low cost infertility treatment mean low success rates? Absolutely not. In Cyprus the best IVF clinics get success rate of over 75% for patients aged 23-59 years old. 

If you are considering IVF abroad, Cyprus fertility clinics are only way to go. Friendly and experienced fertility specialist will offer you the following procedures: 

- IVF (in vitro);
- IVF with donor eggs; 
- IVF with PGD;
- Sperm donation;
- Embryo donation. 

In recent years IVF in Cyprus has become very popular, due to low cost procedures. Price for IVF start from 2,500 Euros and combined with Premium services make this country the perfect destination for those couples who need state-of-the-art assisted reproductive procedures.

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