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All you need to know about fertility treatment abroad, costs, the efficacy of IVF procedures and – the most important – legislation regulating medically assisted reproduction in 8 European countries. Download 55 pages PDF guide now!

Woman in laboratoryWhat is the process of IVF?

In vitro fertilization was developed to treat women which fallopian tubes were damaged and it is still one of the main reasons IVF is being performed today. It is a procedure of combining eggs and sperm outside the woman’s womb in a laboratory – (this is the main difference between IVF and artificial insemination in which the sperm is transferred directly to the uterus and nature does the rest.)
Later when the embryo or embryos form they are transferred to the uterus. It may sound simple but 30 years ago it really was a complicated and expensive treatment, nowadays it is more of a standard procedure.
Since 1981 IVF and similar procedures resulted in more than 5 million babies.

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