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woman with doctorWhat is hormonal stimulation?

Women usually produce a single egg cell in a follicle while being on a menstrual cycle. Every menstrual cycle has on average about 10 follicles which struggle between each other for domination. Only one follicle with the ovum is able to continue maturing and the rest unfortunately has to stop growing and dies. Ovarian stimulation helps the follicle develop a kind of cooperation instead of fighting for dominance. To keep it short it means that ovarian stimulation helps those eggs which in a normal situation would die off in the struggle for domination.
To encourage mature follicles (which contain egg cells) production in the ovary, various hormonal medication and drugs have to be administered for a specific extent of time. The protocols of the treatment may be different depending upon whether intra-uterine-insemination or egg retrieval by follicle puncture is applied.
The hormonal therapy which is used most often during the ovarian stimulation includes the hormones which occur in the human body naturally. They are mostly administered by injections.