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Doctor in laboratoryWhat is Embryo freezing ?

Traditional techniques of freezing like ice-crystal formation usually damages the embryos. That is why vitrification was introduced as the better and safer method of embryo freezing. It works completely different. The embryo is suspended in a glass-like state with high amounts of cryo-protectants in liquid nitrogen. This way the ice-crystal formation is avoided and the embryos are cryopreserved
more reliably and safe. Thanks to embryo cryopreservation the surplus of embryos from IVF can be frozen and stored to be used in the future. Vitrification can be used on embryos of different stages of development. The embryologist choses the most suitable embryos to be frozen which are later put in a special culture media – cryoprotectant. This keeps them safe during the freezing and storage. With this method the embryos can stay frozen for up to 5 years.