IVF Abroad - Patient's Guide

All you need to know about fertility treatment abroad, costs, the efficacy of IVF procedures and – the most important – legislation regulating medically assisted reproduction in 8 European countries. Download 55 pages PDF guide now!

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Every year more and more people use In vitro fertilization to get pregnant. Very often IVF is the main treatment but all sorts of additional procedures are done to assist and enhance it, all sorts of different medication is used either on the patient or the donor. Furthermore after the treatment there is a lot of different procedures that can be done like egg freezing. IVF can be used in all sorts of different infertility cases. If you can’t give birth yourself you will use surrogacy or if your partner has low quality sperm you can choose to do IVF with ICSI or maybe there is a history of genetic diseases in your family? In this case you can use PGD to screen embryos for genetic disorders. In this section you will find the descriptions of all those additional procedures, hormones and all the terminology involved in the treatment.

IVF vocabulary

Artificial insemination

What is artificial insemination? Artificial insemination is a technique used in treating infertility in both women and men. It involves bypassing any obstructions by inserting

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Assisted hatching

What is assisted hatching? Assisted hatching is a technique used in the in vitro fertilization (IVF). It is used to for improving the embryo implantation

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Blastocyst Transfer

What is blastocyst transfer? Blastocyst transfer is a process when the embryos are cultured to the blastocyst stage in the laboratory’s incubator before they are

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Egg donation

What is Egg donation? Egg donation is a process of donating eggs by a woman for the purpose of assisted reproduction or research in the

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Egg freezing

What is egg freezing Egg freezing also referred by scientist as to the Oocyte Cryopreservation is a technique which lets women freeze their eggs and

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Egg retrieval

The process of egg retrieval A procedure usually done under sedation – usually very powerful, so it is not painful and she should be “out”

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The procedure of electroejaculation A process of obtaining semen samples from sexually mature males. Eletroejaculation is a process used for treating male ejaculatory disorders but

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Embryo biopsy

The procedure of embryo biopsy The process of screening the embryo for abnormalities and disorders in order to check if it is good for transfer.

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Embryo monitoring

What is Embryo monitoring? It simply means monitoring the state of the embryo through all different stages of development. At almost all the stages embryo

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Hormonal stimulation

What is hormonal stimulation? Women usually produce a single egg cell in a follicle while being on a menstrual cycle. Every menstrual cycle has on

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IVF terminology

Table of Contents Every year more and more people use In vitro fertilization to get pregnant. Very often IVF is the main treatment but all

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Sperm aspiration

What is Sperm aspiration? It is able to aspire the sperm with a needle straight from the testicle or the structure next to the testicle

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Sperm freezing

The procedure of Sperm freezing It is simply a process of preserving sperm cells. Sperm can be successfully used after cryopreservation. The longest recorded time of

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What is surrogacy? The process of surrogacy is an arrangement between a couple or a single person and the surrogate who agrees on carrying the

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Vasectomy reversal

The procedure of Vasectomy reversal It is a surgical procedure which is done to reconnect the reproductive tract after disconnecting it in the process of

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