IVF Abroad - Patient's Guide

All you need to know about fertility treatment abroad, costs, the efficacy of IVF procedures and – the most important – legislation regulating medically assisted reproduction in 8 European countries. Download 55 pages PDF guide now!

Woman consulting a doctorFor who is IVF?

In vitro fertilization is a good option for couples or people who failed to get pregnant using other infertility treatments. Often women which have problems with fallopian tubes which are either blocked or absent undergo IVF treatments, after all this is the main reason the IVF was invented. During IVF procedures the fallopian tubes are entirely bypassed so it ceases to be an issue.

How can IVF help?

IVF treatment is also a good option for women who suffer other infertility problems like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis. PCOS is caused by hormone imbalance which includes symptoms like irregular, heavy or no menstrual periods at all, pelvic pains and makes getting pregnant very difficult. Endometriosis on the other hand causes infertility because the tissue that should grow inside the uterus, grows outside the uterus instead.
Women which suffer from menstrual cycle abnormalities can also benefit from using IVF thanks to fertility drugs which will help to generate healthy eggs. Furthermore if a woman cannot produce healthy eggs she can use donated eggs. If the problem is male infertility again IVF treatment with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) can overcome this obstacle. You need just one healthy sperm in order to fertilize the egg so it is very much preferred by men with low sperm count or low quality sperm.

Can IVF help everybody?

Unfortunately in vitro fertilization cannot help every couple that dreams of a child. If a woman does not produce healthy eggs and refuses using donated eggs she will not have a big chance for success.
Another issue is of course aging. When a woman approaches the age of 40 the egg production slows down. If a woman is older than 37 years she already has smaller chances of getting pregnant using IVF treatments. If a woman is closing in to her 40s it would be a good idea to use donor eggs to boost up the chances for conceiving. Using IVF with donor eggs makes the chances of getting pregnant similar for all the age groups but after the age of 40 women are more like to miscarriage.
There are also some conditions that could have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the IVF treatment.
Conditions like:

  • Ovarian and uterine dysfunctions and abnormalities
  • Fibroid tumors
  • Abnormalities in hormone levels

Women suffering from such conditions may have less chances of getting pregnant using the IVF treatment.

IVF is still a novelty

The IVF treatment is still a young branch in the medical field, there will be surely new methods, technologies and additional procedures which will help those women who at this time cannot benefit from the wonders of IVF. Till doctors and scientists around the world work and research for the good and well-being, there is still hope for those less fortunate.