IVF Abroad - Patient's Guide

All you need to know about fertility treatment abroad, costs, the efficacy of IVF procedures and – the most important – legislation regulating medically assisted reproduction in 8 European countries. Download 55 pages PDF guide now!

General advantages

Clinicians in laboratoryThe main advantages of IVF gives is of course that it helps women get pregnant, women which otherwise could not have children. Till now this treatment have helped hundreds of thousands of people to become parents. Here are some of the advantages this method brings to infertile couples. Like in it was said in the beginning IVF helps getting pregnant and to give birth to a healthy child. Thanks to this treatment women which normally could not get pregnant because of some defects in the organism are able to conceive and give birth.

IVF can help in case of these disorders:

  • A woman has blocked fallopian tubes. If you have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes IVF gives you the opportunity to get pregnant with a child with your own eggs.
  • You are older and have a low ovarian reserve. In this case IVF rises the older patient’s chances of conceiving. If you are too old and you can’t produce your own eggs or they are of low quality you can use IVF with egg donation.
  • Your male partner has infertility. You will have a much higher chance of conceiving with IVF. Using ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) solves the problem of low sperm count.
  • You have endometriosis. IVF has proved to be successful among women with endometriosis even in some severe cases of this disease.
  • You have Polycystic ovary syndrome. This condition causes hormone imbalance which leads to irregular menstrual cycles. IVF can help with this condition with patients who do not respond well to fertility medication.
  • You have premature ovarian failure. In case of premature ovarian failure or menopause a patient can use donor eggs to have a high success rate with IVF.
  • You have unexplained infertility. Sometimes couples struggle with infertility which could not be diagnosed. However even in such cases couples that tried IVF were often successful.

Time showed that IVF is reliable

Furthermore IVF has proved to be successful for a long time now. Louise Brown was the first baby to be born using IVF in 1978, since then this method advanced has been advanced and improved and now it is safer and more successful than ever. IVF is more successful than other assisted reproduction technologies like IUI. Very often when dealing with unexplained infertility an IVF treatment helps in diagnosing the problem, the procedure may fail but during the process the core of the problem can be revealed and then another try can be successful. Moreover in some countries this treatment can be used by single women and same sex couples so they have children too. In addition in clinics where PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) is allowed the embryologists are able to choose the healthy embryos omitting the ones with genetic disorders. In some cases in some countries you can use PGD for family balancing if you already have a son or a daughter and you would want to have a child of the opposite sex. The In Vitro Fertilization is still a relatively young treatment in the medical field but with time it gets better, safer and more successful and it is helping people to make families. You can also read about advantages of IVF with Egg donor by clicking here.