IVF Abroad - Patient's Guide

All you need to know about fertility treatment abroad, costs, the efficacy of IVF procedures and – the most important – legislation regulating medically assisted reproduction in 10 European countries. Download 98 pages PDF guide now!

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IVF is helping infertile couples pregnant for a quite long time now. With time it is getting more reliable, safe, efficient and accessible. However that does not mean that finding a clinic will be easy. Finding the best IVF clinic is a very hard and time-consuming process. You need to go through all sorts of information not only about the treatments, methods concerning different procedures, prices, legal aspects, success rates but also the ethical dilemmas which in some cases are a bit too much for some patients. To make a wise decision you need some essential knowledge. At Where IVF we want to share this knowledge with you and that is why we created the Where IVF Guide! Where IVF Guide is all the information in one place. A guide that will show you how much, where, when and in what way. No matter if you are looking for information about surrogacy, sex selection or if you want to find out where is it legal and where it is not, you will find it all in this guide. Do yourself a favour and get to know more about the world of IVF by using this Where IVF Guide and find the clinic which will bring you success.

IVF: treatment, law, destinations and more!


Introduction to PGS and PGD Clinics around the world offer a range of genetic testing options that can be very helpful in having a successful

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Ethical dilemmas of IVF

Dangers of technological advancements The developments in science and technology enriches and improves the quality of the human race. Endless updates and reinventions provides us

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IVF Vocabulary

IVF involves a lot different additional procedures and there is a lot of terminology involved. This section is dedicated to the rich vocabulary of IVF where you can read all about the IVF related processes like freezing of eggs, embryos or sperm, ICS I, PGD etc.