IVF & embryo transfer –⁠ how to prepare? - #IVFWEBINAR

WhereIVF.com has invited Dr. Constantino Dino Demetroulis from
Biogenetic center for Human Reproduction, Greece to talk about IVF treatment and embryo transfer – how important is it to prepare a woman for the embryo transfer.


IVF & embryo transfer what you should know.

Please find a full transcription of the webinar on Eggdonationfriends.com



Constantino Dino Demetroulis


About the author:
Dr. Constantino Dino Demetroulis is very active in medical research: he was a co-investigator in the study of the fallopian tube cell biology and metabolism and studied the incidence and significance of necrospermia in fertile and subfertile males.