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Egg donation rules and regulations in Ukraine

Ukraine is a popular IVF egg donation destination not only because of high quality of standards but also because liberal views on assisted reproduction. Couples from different corners of the World visit Ukraine for treatment because for surrogacy, including IVF surrogacy and IVF for older women which were refused treatment elsewhere.


All assisted reproduction techniques and surrogacy is regulated by the Family and Civil Codes and by the Law on Health Fundamentals of Ukraine which applies not only to citizens but medical tourists as well.
A couple looking for surrogacy options can register their child and birth certificate to their name. In all the documentation there will be no need to disclose the biological origins of the child. From the moment the child is conceived it is considered to be by law the child of the couple using the services of the surrogate. Surrogate mothers must be between 20 to 40 years old. They should be healthy and must have had at least one healthy child already.

Important assisted reproduction regulations in Ukraine

Patients using assisted reproduction technologies with the use of donated eggs are the legal parents of the child
A male partner agrees to be the father of a child born as a result of his wife using assisted reproduction techniques by signing a proper consent

  • PGD is allowed for selecting healthy embryos and gender
  • There must be proper conditions fulfilled to perform the IVF procedures
  • A woman has to be at the legal age and she has to sign a consent
  • Egg donation is anonymous
  • Any woman or man of legal age is allowed to use assisted reproduction techniques if there are medical indications to do so
  • Assisted reproduction techniques can be only carried out in healthcare establishments that were accredited by the government
  • The egg donor is not given any parental rights
  • A patient needs a medical attestation and a signed consent and application with the Ministry of Health’s approval to undergo assisted reproduction treatments.

Allowed procedures

  • IVF
  • Egg donation (fresh cycle)
  • Egg donation (frozen cycle)
  • Egg donation: Anonymous / Non anonymous /
  • Embryo donation
  • IVF for same sex parents
  • IVF for single woman
  • PGD – single gene diagnosis (only for medical reasons)
  • PGS – chromosome screening
  • Sex selection
  • Sperm Donation
  • Surrogacy

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