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Costs of egg donation in Ukraine

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Egg donation costs in Ukraine

You should be prepared that full IVF cycle with donor eggs will be summarized cost of all necessary blood tests and examinations, in vitro fertilization program, medicaments, consultations and egg donor preparation.

In Ukraine price of in vitro with donor eggs starts at 4,000 Euro for a cycle. An average price is around 5.511 Euro. If you expect extra services (for example exclusive donor) or additional embryological procedures, you will have to pay more.
Prices of treatment in Ukraine depends on clinic location and the type of treatment. In big agglomerations such as Kiev costs may be higher than in smaller cities.

Depending on the clinic the price of in vitro with donor eggs can cost even 9,000 Euro. However those more expensive programs cost quite a lot of money you can find great deals, discounts and in some cases programs with refunds if the treatment is not a success.
An initial consultation is 100-150 Euro.


First thing you need to do is to gather all the information on the costs of treatments you can get your hands on. Then you need to start planning your budget for the treatment using the information you already have. As anywhere else in the World the costs you will find on the clinics website is most probably the basic cost of treatment which does not include other additional procedures, tests or and medication. The choice between fresh or frozen oocytes mostly does not make a difference when it comes to costs.

To make sure that you are aware of all expenses, you may particularly check if all visits necessary during your treatment are included in the price, how much medications will cost, what kind of tests you should undergo before you start, what kind of additional procedures (ICSI, sperm freezing, AH, embryo freezing and storage) you pay extra. It is also important to ask about the terms of payment.
We recommend to contact several clinics and ask consultants for specific and detailed calculation for your particular case. You may also expect an individual treatment plan, especially if you come to the clinic from abroad.

Some clinics in Ukraine offer special services and care for patients from other countries. For example the personnel can help you to book hotels, may advice you with visas if necessary, arrange pick-up from the airport etc.

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