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Egg donation success rates in Poland

Success rates of egg donation programs in Poland may differ between clinics. It depends of internal standards, clinics’ and doctors’ experience, the procedures performed during the treatment and the health state of the couple.

Before you start your in vitro with donor eggs program please pay a lot of your attention to the preparation process and check in the clinic how donors selection looks like. You may also talk to your physician – he or she can be able to predict what chances for pregnancy you may have.

The success rates of egg donation treatment in Poland are quite high. Although clinics aren’t obliged to report their statistics, they actually do. All data are gathered trough one organization in Poland and pass on to ESHRE.



Average success rates of in vitro with donor eggs programs in Poland are around 46%-68% (per transfer). Of course these are data mainly from IVF centres’ web pages (they would demand external verification) but you may catch a general view of the effectiveness of treatments in Poland.

Fresh cycles success rates are around 61% averagely and frozen cycles success rates are around 65% averagely .Statistics of in vitro with frozen eggs depends on a clinic. Some of them report lower success rates than in fresh cycles, others – quite opposite – have better results on frozen cells.

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