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Costs of egg donation in Poland

It is difficult to estimate an average cost of in vitro with donor eggs in Poland as clinics barely show they full prices lists to the public, however, you can expect the cost of 4.675 Euro.

Costs-of-treatment-e1393619099658.jpgYou should be prepared for different offers including many variants – with fresh eggs, frozen eggs, egg sharing and it is good to go into details and see what is really guaranteed. Costs of IVF with fresh eggs in Poland should not exceed 4800 euro, with frozen eggs they may be a little bit lower – around 4350 Euro.

As you can see prices are very attractive in this country. At the same time you may be sure that in experienced IVF centres with good infrastructure and numerous personnel the quality of treatment will be among the European standard.

We strongly advise you to ensure which procedures are included in the in vitro with donor eggs package.




Do not hesitate to contact clinic’s personnel and ask about:

  • the number of eggs you will receive
  • kind of information you will be given to choose the donor
  • details – how their program works step by step
  • all visits, blood and semen tests, other elements that should be extra paid

You may also be curious if there is an option to have a chosen donor only to yourself – some clinics have this option available for sure but usually it is more expensive (around 5000 euro).

In terms of cost you should gather some details of how your treatment will be organized and how many times you will have to visit the clinic. Remember that some IVF centers expect patients will be onsite for some time.This may impact the general budget as you will have to stay in a hotel and may have other expenses (for example for food).

However, even if you summarize all things mentioned above, your in vitro with donor eggs treatment in Poland will probably cost less than in other European countries. And –what may also convince you to come there – Polish clinics note very high success rates.

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