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Costs of IVF treatment in Turkey

Turkey seems to be a very attractive destination for patients seeking in vitro treatment – expecting good quality of services and relatively low costs.

Prices may vary between clinics and particularly will depend on clinic location. In big cities it is possible that costs will be higher than in smaller towns. Still – couples from UK or the US undergoing IVF in Turkey may pay around 30-40% less than in their home country.

Averagely a single IVF cycle will cost around 2000 Euro. This price does not include medications which may be 300-500 Euro extra. Program with ICSI will be available from 2500 Euro. It is an often practice that the initial consultation is free of charge but you should calculate any additional visits, blood tests, procedures while planning your full budget.

IVF Treatment Costs in Turkey

Remember that egg donation as well as sperm and embryo donation is prohibited in Turkey.

Going into details, the initial visit cost is averagely around 200 Euro, bare IVF ICSI cycle (excluding medications starts from 2,250 Euro. As mentioned before, basic IVF with egg donation may cost around 4,500 Euro, and with PGD – 6,000 Euro. If you decide to use services of a donor agency it will be about 9,000 – 10,000 Euro.

Before you decide on certain offer, please make sure to check if you know exactly what kind of procedures and other elements your program includes. It is recommended to ask for detailed calculation for your individual treatment process in the chosen clinic.

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