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IVF Success rates in Spain

In Spain there are plenty of clinics with great experience and excellent results. You can count on a very good standard of services and comprehensive care in this country.

In terms of success rates you should consider many factors which may affect the treatment process. Your age, quality of eggs and sperm, procedures performed during your program – these are some of them. Even for egg donation there are some elements worth noticing such as donors’ recruitment and selection process, matching, health condition of the prospective parents etc.

According to Society for Fertility (SEF) in Spain the average success rates of IVF/ICSI cycle is 38%. The same are for frozen (crio) transfer. Some clinics however public their own data which are a bit higher.

In vitro with eggs donated by young and healthy women usually brings much better results than regular IVF programs. In Spain the effectiveness of this kind of treatment is around 54% (SEF data). Some IVF centers may claim success rates on the level of 60-70%.

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