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Cost of IVF treatment - Spain

Infertile couples decide to go Spain mainly because of clinics’ experience and a quality of services.

It is a destination famous from egg donation programs and many for patients interested in this kind of treatment this is the first choice. Prices are competitive but – in comparison to some countries in Europe – pretty high.

However, in Spain you may expect a customer oriented attitude and find many offers with discount or all inclusive packages. Clinics try to attract patients with additional services and other options that make your stay comfortable and your treatment – easy to proceed.

IVF Costs in Spain compared to Europe and USA

Average prices for a single IVF cycle is from 4,200 to 5,000 Euro. Of course total cost may be different in various clinics.

You should also calculate the cost of medications – it is around 1000 Euro. An initial consultation costs between 150 and 200 Euro. If you need in vitro with donor eggs, the basic cost is ca. 6000 Euro (but you must be prepared for some extra expenses). Sperm donation (using sperm from gametes bank) is 500-600 Euro.

IVF Costs in SpainThe most expensive offers stays on the level of 7000 Euro for IVF program and even 12000 for IVF with donor eggs.

Despite of prices, Spain stays the most popular destination for patients seeking IVF treatment abroad. They appreciate individual care, easy access to specialized methods (egg donation, PGD etc.) and high success rates.

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