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Since IBILAB (Instituto Balear de Infertilidad) was opened in 1996 it has offered comprehensive medical care to women. The clinic was founded specifically to provide women and couples with problems conceiving, top level specialist and personalised care using the latest technology to help resolve their problems and realise their dreams to have a child.

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IMFER – Instituto Murciano De Fertilidad

About IMFER:

The “Instituto Murciano de Fertilidad” (IMFER) was created in Murcia, South of Spain, in 1998. We offer different treatments that are customized to your case: we perform all the assisted reproduction techniques authorized by the Spanish law. IMFER has gradually grown to offer you the best service: we are now a medium size clinic with a staff of 20 people, but we have not lost the spirit that we have always instilled in our relationship with the patient: we take care of you in a personalized and friendly way.

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Over 30 years, we have achieved more than 12.000 births and cared for patients coming from over 63 countries. Each of our five clinics, in Alicante, Elche, Cartagena, Benidorm and Albacete, are equipped with state of the art technology to perform the most advanced treatments. Over 20.000 treatments have been carried out for patients who chose us for their personal journey in creating a family, trusting Instituto Bernabeu because of our results, strong ethic, research, as well as our comprehensive patient care, both medical and emotional.

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IVF Spain is part of an international medical network of clinics all over Europe with decades of experience in reproductive medicine. This allows us to offer our patients treatments with demonstrated efficiency, guaranteed by our results. Taking this background, we offer all the traditional methods of assisted reproduction with innovative techniques at the highest scientific standards. At IVF Spain our aim is research applied to reproductive medicine and genetics to offer the greatest reliability and possibilities of success for each treatment.

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ProcreaTec clinic was founded in 2008 by experts with more than 20 years’ experience in the field of Human Reproduction. The goal of the founding doctors was to create a clinic committed to pioneering technology and personalised treatment. The clinic’s focus on excellence has driven ProcreaTec to secure high pregnancy rates. Our commitment to people affected by infertility problems goes beyond obtaining good results.

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