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Costs of IVF Treatment in Czech Republic

Affordable prices and good quality of services – these are significant advantages to IVF treatment in Czech. Overall cost may be impacted by several factors – relatively lower cost of medications and specific programs such as in vitro with donor eggs. Also prices for accommodation and living are lower than in many other European countries.

An average cost of IVF treatment including initial consultation, treatment plan, sperm analysis, egg retrieval, general anaesthesia, ICSI, extended cultivation, assisted hatching and embryo transfer is about 2000 to 3000€ (euros). Blood tests and cryopreservation of embryos are an extra cost. Fertility drugs are also paid additionally extra.

A donor egg IVF cycle in the Czech Republic is available for around 5000€. A donor embryo cycle in Czech starts at around 2500€. For donor embryo cycles, some clinics also guarantee a certain number of embryos for transfer. Additionally, several offer a shared risk program, whereby if a patient for donor egg IVF treatment is unsuccessful in the first 2 – 3 fresh cycles, the subsequent cycle (including treatment, donor fee and donor meds) is highly discounted or free.

However you should reserve an amount of 6000-8000€ in total to cover all expenses connected with diagnosis, blood tests, consultations, additional visits and procedures.
As for prices patients may observe that the treatment costs in clinics in Prague may be slightly higher than some of the outlying areas like Brno, Zlin, or Ostrava.

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