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IVF Success Rates in Czech Republic

The Czech fertility centers’ pregnancy success rates for IVF cycles (HCG result) are at the level of over 50%. In comparison to the average statistics for European Union and for the US it is a very good result.

The Czech clinics’ have very good success rates of almost 60-70% (egg donation). Due to oocytes obtained from young healthy women, the success rate of this procedure exceeds the success rate of the infertility treatment with fresh oocytes. Quality of partner sperm determines the fertilization rate and the overall success. With 2 embryos transferred the success rate is usually around 50%.

IVF-ICSI and Egg Donation Success rates in Czech Republic

The key factors that impact the effectiveness of the treatment are state-of-the-art methods, additional procedures such as embryo micromanipulation, egg fertilization and the subsequent cultivation of embryos with the monitoring system.

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