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IVF in Czech Republic - Healthcare Standards

The Czech health care system has a great degree of decentralization according to historical transition and political circumstances. It is no longer fully socialized so many private clinics operate there. You can expect high European standards of service as many of medical centers specialize in providing treatment for patients from abroad.

There are a large amount of highly respected and experienced fertility clinics in the Czech Republic. Due to reasonable legislation and excellent care standards fertility tourism boosted and the Czech Republic has become one of the top destinations – especially for third party reproduction. The biggest clinics report annually performance of more than 500 fresh donor egg transfers. They also cooperate with specialists from other countries where egg donation is either illegal, or where laws have resulted in long waiting lists for donors.

IVF in Czech Republic - Healthcare StandardsAll IVF clinics operating in the Czech Republic are strictly monitored and need to follow certain rules and restrictions. And what is most important they need to have a special license from national institute for drug control and allowance from Ministry of Health. As in the Czech Republic European Union Directive 2004/23/EC for Tissues and Cells is respected, all IVF centers must follow its regulations as regards certain technical requirements for the donation, procurement and testing of human tissues and cells. Each clinic is obliged to report annually its activity so the number and kind of procedures made, pregnancies and births.

Every medical center which offers services on the field of reproductive medicine must ensure that standards described by national institutions are respected and observed. These rules refer to various aspects related to safety and effectiveness of treatment and ethical concerns. Among others standards encompass fields of:

  1. management and personnel,
  2. technical background and equipment,
  3. facilities,
  4. internal procedures and documentation,
  5. quality control and management,
  6. donor selection and assessment process,
  7. storage system for reproductive cells,
  8. critical materials and a system to notify a serious adverse reactions.

According to this rules human cells and embryos should be treated with the highest care for their safety. You may feel certain that the entire process of tour treatment is run with respect of ethical concerns. Some IVF centers offer expanded assistance to international patients, have multilingual personnel and separate procedures of treatment organization for people traveling from abroad.

Although infertile couples in the Czech Republic have in vitro programs refunded, patients from foreign countries who use medical facilities in the Czech Republic are expected pay for their care.

If any emergency occurs you should call 112 – the emergency services (Záchranná Služba) and explain what kind of help you need. If it is necessary you will be sent to the nearest hospital best equipped to deal with your specific type of situation. Patients can always request to be transported to a different health facility after their condition has stabilized. Charges will be incurred for services. Remember that transportation to the health care facilities is not free of charge – the estimated cost is about 170 EURO. In most cases in the hospital there will be someone who communicates in English.

Taking into account the scale of medial tourism connected with art techniques, it is clear that IVF clinics in Czech Republic has a wide offer for patients abroad and many of them decide on undergoing their treatment in this country.

Some IVF centers in this country offer travel discounts, tips and recommendations, and assist with travel planning to patients from abroad.

Infertile couples going to the Czech Republic are often surprised to find that the technology, equipment and treatment practices found in this country. Many Czech doctors are internationally renowned speakers and educators in reproductive medicine, and many have studied or taught at top medical schools around the globe. Most leading edge techniques and options are widely available, but of course this may vary from clinic to clinic.

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