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IVF in Czech Republic – Clinics' Cities


Clinics in Czech - Praha

Prague, a city of a hundred towers, for ages it had been the pearl of the Habsburgs’ empire, both visitors and its citizens are stunned by its beauty. Milan Kundera called it the most beautiful city on the Planet and Johann Goethe – the most wonderful jewel in the stone crown of the world. Golden Prague shines with gilded tower tops, so that even those insensitive to beauty can feel its magic. When you come to Prague you understand why the city charmed the eccentric emperor Rudolph II, writers and UNESCO experts who included it on the World Cultural and Natural Heritage list.

Web:  http://www.praha.eu/jnp/en/home/
YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUGVVnBWjug
Articles: http://www.czechtourism.com/a/prague/



International airport: Václav Havel Airport / Prague-Ruzyně Airport – http://www.prg.aero/

Information Center: www.praguewelcome.cz

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Clinics in Czech - Brno

Surrounded by forested hills Brno, the largest city in the Moravia, features a closely built old town that you can easily walk through. The nineteenth and twentieth-century buildings do not seem very picturesque at first glance, though there are so many places worth seeing there that it might be hard to visit during a single day. The period of intensive industrial development in the nineteenth century has imprinted its mark in the character of the city which used to be called Manchester of Moravia.

Web: http://www.brno.cz/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weGmWanNkmU&list=PL5D0AF02B817AAC58
Articles: http://www.czechtourism.com/tourists/search/?searchtext=brno&searchmode=anyword



Distance from Prague: 210 km

International airport: Brno-Tuřany Airport http://www.brno-airport.cz/
Information Center: http://www.ticbrno.cz/en/uvod

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Clinics in Czech - Zlin

Zlin is a city in eastern Moravia with almost 80 thousand inhabitants. It is the capital city of Zlin country. Tomáša Bata University is located here. The city that was built from scratch before the war is a centre of shoe manufacturers. Tomáša Bata shoe factories were established in Zlin before the wartime. Red-brick buildings in interwar Modernism style are characteristic of the city. During summer holidays European Rally Championship contest and International Rally Challange (IRC) – Barum Rally are held there.

Web: http://www.zlin.eu/en/
Articles: http://www.czechtourism.com/tourists/search/?searchtext=zlin&searchmode=anyword



Distance from Prague: 300 km

Information Center: 

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Clinics in Czech - Olomouc

Olomouc, historic capital city of Moravia is one of the most popular places worth visiting in the country, although there seem to be noting special at first glance. In the suburbs like in other cities there are blocks of flats and in the city centre there is an odd looking old town. You experience its charm gradually visiting its various buildings. In the recent years the city has been thoroughly modernised, so that it is more pleasant to the eye and walking there is a pleasure itself. Since 2000 Olomouc is on the UNESCO list due to the Column of the Holy Trinity.

Web: http://www.olomouc.eu/
Articles: http://www.czechtourism.com/t/olomouc/


Booking.com – http://www.booking.com/region/cz/olomouc.html
Tripadvisor.com – http://pl.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g274718-Olomouc_Olomouc_Region_Moravia-Hotels.html

Distance from Prague: 280 km

Information Center: http://tourism.olomouc.eu/tourism/information-centre/en

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Hradec Kralove

Clinics in Czech - Hradec Kralove

Located almost at the very heart of the region of Southern Bohemia, Hradec Kralove, does not seem very interesting at first glance. Two squares, despite stylistic architecture, you do not feel charmed by its atmosphere. The surrounding little streets are much nicer to look at, especially those nearby the cathedral. At the heart of the city that looks interesting in terms of architecture which was built in the first half of the twentieth century the modernistic works of Kotera and Gocara can be seen almost everywhere. It is recommended to visit the Modern Art Gallery with the best exhibition of the Czech art of the twentieth century in the country. Those charmed by the beauty of Beskid Nisky will feel themselves at home in Jiraskove orchards, where a little wooden church in Lemka style that was transported here from Carpathian Ruthenia (being part of Czechoslovakia before the wartime) is placed.


Web: http://www.hradeckralove.eu/
Articles: http://www.czechtourism.com/t/hradec-kralove/



Distance from Prague: 110 km

Information Center: http://www.ic-hk.cz/en/


Clinics in Czech - Teplice

Teplice is a city located in northern part of the country in Ustecky region. It is the centre of glass and earthenware manufacturers. Hot springs with mineral water are located here whose temperature reaches 42°C. The Romanesque monastery with a Renaissance castle that was built later on, a church of St. John the Baptist from 1700 in Baroque style, botany garden in  J. Suk street with the area of 2 ha, including 1300 sqm green houses and old houses in Empire style from the first part of the twentieth century located in the health resorts district are the most popular places among tourists.

Web: http://www.teplice.cz/
Articles: http://www.czechtourism.com/t/teplice/



Distance from Prague: 90 km

Information Center: http://www.teplice.cz/


Clinics in Czech - Pilsen

Pilzno – the capital city of the West Bohemia – is a large industrial centre which can be seen by the dust and dirt on the old houses when walking through the old town. The city is most famous for its brewery Prazdroj, where a beer called Pilsner Urquell (prazdroj means “primordial spring” in Czech), which is considered by many experts the best beer in the world is brewed. Some guests come to Pilzno only to visit the brewery and taste the beer.

In the old town there are several interesting buildings, such as St.  Bartholomew church standing secluded in namesti Republiky. The greatest tourist architectural attraction in Pilzno can be found West from the Old Town – a wonderful synagogue with characteristic red domes is one of the three largest Jewish temples in the world.

Web: http://www.pilsen.eu/citizen/
Articles: http://www.czechtourism.com/t/pilsen/



Distance from Prague: 95 km

Information Center: http://www.icpilsen.cz/


Clinics in Czech - Liberec

Thanks to its location close to the border Liberec is often visited by the tourists from Poland.   And it seems they do not regret their decision to spend several hours in Liberec. Most recommended to see are: a wonderful town hall and the Museum of Northern Bohemia and Regional Gallery that are famous for their exhibitions of glassware and jewellery.

Web: www.infolbc.cz
Articles: http://www.czechtourism.com/t/liberec/



Distance from Prague: 110 km

Information Center: www.infolbc.cz


Clinics in Czech - Pardubice

Pardubice has almost 100 thousand inhabitants. Its name reminds of the horse race on an extremely difficult track, where horses are topping over an obstacle that is uneasy to jump over, called taxis. Pardubice can charm with wonderful buildings – an interesting old town and gigantic castle which tops over the old town. Drivers should be extremely careful because the non-drive zones have not been designed very accurately and they are poorly signed.

Web: www.ipardubice.cz
Articles: http://www.czechtourism.com/t/pardubice/



Distance from Prague: 120 km

International airport: Pardubice Airport: http://www.airport-pardubice.cz/?lang=en

Information Center: http://www.visitpardubice.com/


Clinics in Czech - Jihlava

Jihlava is a city with over 50 thousand inhabitants, located in Southern Bohemia in the Czech-Moravia Wysoczyzna Highland upon Jihlava River. It is the capital city of Wysoczyzna region and Jihlava Poviat.

The most important buildings in Jihlava are located within the area of the mediaeval Old Town with Masaryk Square of 36,653 sqm in the city centre. These include churches: St. James, St. Cross, Ascension of Holy Mary and St. Ignatius, many house buildings, a town hall and the ruins of city walls with the Gate of Holy Mary. Tourist can walk through the maze of underground passages which are 25 km long – it is the second largest underground complex in the Czech Republic in terms of size. Outside of the Old Town there is, among other things, a Jewish cemetery with the graves of Gustava Mahler’s parents. One of the attractions of the city is also a large zoo.

Web: www.jihlava.cz
Articles: http://www.czechtourism.com/t/jihlava/




Distance from Prague: 130 km

Information Center: www.visitjihlava.eu

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