IVF Clinic Award last year’s winners: Irema clinic

The IVF Clinic Award 2016 is getting closer and now is the right time to remind one of the last years winners of the IVF Clinic Award 2015.

The Spanish clinic IREMA provides exceptional, individual approach to each of the treatments. This is why last year they earned their first prize in the IVF Award 2015 in the „Personalised Treatment“ category.

ivf award 2015

Winning the prize for personalised treatment doesn’t mean that IREMA hasn’t anything else to show for as they offer a wide range of high quality services which are carried out by specialists and experts in the medical branch of assisted reproduction techiques. Their specialities are gynaecology, reproductive biology and andrology. If any clinic could be called a „jack of all trades“ it would be the IREMA clinic.

IREMA clinic has the official accreditation of the Health Ministry and is certified with ISO 9001 which is a guarantee of quality and safety for the patients.

The IREMA clinic’s exclusive dedication to reproductive health makes it a true master of the IVF treatments, egg donation programs and other fertility procedures.

As the IVF Clinic Award 2016 approaches we hope to see them participating again and we would like to wish the IREMA clinic the best of luck in this year’s edition of the IVF Clinic Award.