The IVF CLINIC AWARD 2014 Jury’s Verdict

IVF Clinic AWARD 2014

The jury awarded IVF CLINIC AWARD 2014 Prizes to four clinics in the following categories:


IVF Clinic of the Year 2014 – Customer Service & Communications


GYNERA Fertilit Center

IVF Clinic of the Year 2014 – The IVF Program



IVF Clinic of the Year 2014 – The Egg Donor Program



IVF Clinic of the Year 2014 – The IVF PGD Program

Superior A.R.T., THAILAND


In other categories, the awards were not granted.

The justification of the verdict

IVF Clinic of the Year 2014 – Customer Service & Communications



GYNERA is 24/7 contact with a dedicated nurse, 24/7 Email for appointments, medical and logistic issues, and 24h replies. For abroad patients GYNERA has constant contact with local physicians for easy hometown monitoring after the IVF treatment.

GYNERA offers private rooms for every egg retrieval and embryo transfer Patient.

GYNERA’s staff has constant contact with IVF Patients. Information, advice and instructions about test results, embryos progress, egg retrieval etc. available at every step.

GYNERA assists Patients with accommodation and other logistic needs. GYNERA does its best to fulfil the patients requirements.

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Leading fertility clinic in Romania

Gynera Fertility Center is specialised and entirely dedicated to helping patients to start families. Founded in 2007, Gynera shortly became a leading reproductive clinic and received many national and international awards, including first position in Top Romanian Companies. Although we highly appreciate these recognitions, our drive and most rewarding experience is sharing with our patients the precious moments of creating the future.

Gynera offers an extensive range of investigations and fertility treatments, provided by recognised experts, in a warm and friendly environment. Our services extends to cutting edge tests and techniques, fertility preservation and advanced care for high risk pregnancy, as well as psychologic counselling and supportive therapies. We understand the complexity of our patients emotions and the pressure of time, budget or logistic issues. Our vision is to offer individualised services, flexibility and complete management in One-stop programs and same state-of-the art facility. Our strongest feature, apart from remarkable success, is a close communication and relationship with patients, ensuring a comfortable and encouraging experience.

We believe in personalised approach, sensitive support and premium services. Based on solid expertise and constantly updated technology, we bring innovation in daily practice and achieve outstanding success rates.

Gynera Fertility Center operates under a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and is authorised for processing and storage of reproductive cells. Apart from its medical mission, Gynera assumes an important social and educational role, translated in many programs and national campaigns.

As being one of the most performant fertility clinics in Europe, Gynera is definitely a place where the journey to becoming parents begins.

Let us guide you on this incredible journey!

You will find answers, support and all the expertise you need to make this journey a positive and successful experience.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Gynerafertilitycenter
Website: http://www.gynera.ro/

IVF Clinic of the Year 2014 – The IVF Program



iVF Riga – Offers special care for those with failed treatments in the past, infertility treatments (IUI, IVF and ICSI etc.) Individual treatment using innovative methods:

  • EmbryoGlue – improves embryo’s ability to attach to the uterus;
  • *EmbryoGen – improves the implantation of the embryo
  • *Cult-Active – activates the oocytes after fertilization;
  • *PICSI – treats severe cases of male infertility
  • *EmbryoScope – rises chances of ART even by 20%;
  • *ERA test – reveals implantation timing
  • *aCGH – improves pregnancy rate by 30% and eliminates genetic diseases.

*Testing of the AZF region of the Y chromosome, determines actions to be taken in future and predicts effectiveness of male infertility treatment;

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iVF Riga – A place where the future is born

iVF Riga is a centre for gynaecology and reproductive genetics that specializes in infertility diagnosis and treatment. iVF Riga clinic is unique for a more personal approach to each patient and for paying special attention to patients with previous unsuccessful courses of treatment.

iVF Riga clinic offers all kinds of effective infertility treatment: IUI, IVF and ICSI. Even if you are over 40, do not lose hope and desire to fulfil your dream – to have children. Highly skilled and experienced team of iVF Riga clinic, which is headed by the famous reproduction specialist Violeta Fodina, has helped more than 1,000 babies to be born in a number of countries around the world. The professionals of the clinic will do everything possible so that you can live out your dream of becoming parents.

There are certain circumstances when a man or a woman is unable to have children because their own reproductive cells are not suitable for that purpose. In this case, iVF Riga clinic offers to choose treatment with donor reproductive cells (eggs or sperm) and also provides an opportunity to use a programme of donor embryos. Infertility treatment with donor cells is the most efficient method, because it is based on the use of reproductive cells from healthy young women and men.

It has been proven that genetics plays a key role in the causes of infertility, unsuccessful IVF cycles and miscarriages. Therefore, it is important for patients at risk to closely follow recommendations by specialists and, if necessary, undergo genetic diagnosis. The Centre for Reproductive Genetics of iVF Riga clinic offers PGS by aCGH, karyotyping, molecular testing for thrombophilia, non-invasive determination of fetal Rh factor, molecular testing of Y-chromosome microdeletions (AZF factor) and consultations by a geneticist.

There are also circumstances when a person has to postpone motherhood or fatherhood for some reason. This can be due to both social reasons – career development and family status, and medical reasons – taking medicine known to affect reproductive health, surgery on the ovaries or chemotherapy. iVF Riga clinic offers a programme to preserve fertility. The patients undergoing this programme have the opportunity to keep their reproductive capacity and have their own children in the future, without resorting to methods of treatment with donor cells.

iVF Riga is a clinic that keeps up with the times. It offers a variety of modern assisted infertility treatments, which increase the chances of becoming parents. Among these methods is a newly developed technology of the EmbryoScope incubator, a truly revolutionary technique for infertility treatment.

If a woman is faced with the problem of miscarriage or her previous pregnancy was difficult, it is recommended that she should be under constant supervision of experienced health professionals. iVF Riga clinic makes every effort to ensure that the exciting months of expecting the baby, the birth and the postnatal period are easy and can be remembered as a magical and wonderful time in a woman’s life.

Contrary to popular belief, the cause of infertility can lie not only in the female body, but also in the male body. iVF Riga clinic offers male patents to consult an experienced physician specializing in urology and andrology, take the necessary tests for any problems with reproductive health and undergo treatment, if needed.

iVF Riga is a unique state-of-the-art clinic, offering all kinds of tests, exams and treatments that you may need. We give you the green light to go ahead with your dream – to become parents!

IVF Clinic of the Year 2014 – The Egg Donor Program



IVF SPAIN offers comfort and assurance, highest quality of care, cutting-edge technologies in reproductive medicine and no waiting list in most beautiful surroundings of its spa-like clinic.

IVF SPAIN has a wide range of egg donation programs. 2 blastocysts program rates are at 70%. Only one visit needed, two in special cases.

Price includes: visits, drugs, qualification tests, sperm freezing, ICSI, blastocyst culture, assisted hatching, vitrification and 1 year storage of remaining embryos and transfer.

Special programs: Fresh exclusive donor egg donation – 11-16 eggs guarantee.2 blastocysts – rates at 75-80%.
Diamond Egg Donation – 3 exclusive ED cycles with frozen embryos. Pregnancy rate 100%, if it fails 50% refund.

Check IVF SPAIN profile at whereivf.com Check IVF SPAIN profile at eggdonationfriends.com

IVF-Spain is a top fertility clinic in Spain with some of the highest success rates. We understand that all patients are unique and therefore our team takes the time to explain and explore all the possible options, taking into account all aspects of your individual situation.

Along with the latest technologies in fertility, we aim to deliver the best service and quality in patient care throughout the whole patient journey. We are continuously revising our processes to constantly improve the international patient experience.

In addition, with over 80% of our patients coming from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Benelux, IVF Spain has developed a highly experienced international team.

We are pleased to offer EggDonationFriends and WhereIVF visitors a Free Medical Consultation with one of our gynaecologists through Skype.

Please contact us at: contact@ivf-spain.com

IVF Clinic of the Year 2014 – The IVF PGD Program
Superior A.R.T., THAILAND


SUPERIOR ART CERTIFICATESuperior A.R.T. is a joint venture of leading Thai Infertility specialists and Genea – Australian provider of premier infertility and PGD services

Superior A.R.T. offers a full suite of PGD programs including FISH, Array-CGH, Molecular PGD-PCR and in early 2015, NGS.
Results for fertility patients compare favourably with the best in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics worldwide.

Superior A.R.T won the Prime Minister’s Export Award for “Best Service Provider” in 2012

Since opening in 2007 Superior A.R.T performed over 3,000 PGD cycles with proven high success rates. Specialized genetics team include highly qualified PGD experts, ensuring the best quality care, pioneering science, professionalism and personal support.

Check SUPERIOR A.R.T. profile at whereivf.com

Superior A.R.T. was established by the joint venture of Genea, Australia’s premier IVF treatment provider, and several Thai experts in infertility treatments, to provide patients in the region with the best chance of a healthier pregnancy and a healthy child. Uniquely we have a strong commitment to research and are at the forefront of genetic diagnosis and testing.

Through pioneering science, professional care and personal support, you can be assured of our dedication at every step towards giving you the greatest possible chance of becoming pregnant and having a healthy baby.

We also understand the emotional investment required when considering and undergoing assisted conception. You will have your own Superior A.R.T. specialist, as well as a team of nurse coordinators, patient care coordinators, and scientists, who will all be there for you through every stage of your treatment, offering guidance and support, always available to answer your questions.

Our laboratories are the most modern in the world. Many recent innovations that have dramatically improved pregnancy rates, some developed by our parent laboratory Genea, are standard at Superior A.R.T.

Our success with blastocyst culture and implantation, world leaders in this field, means that blastocyst transfer is standard at Superior A.R.T. This provides for high implantation rates using single embryo transfer, thereby giving patients the best chance of a pregnancy without the significant problems associated with multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets etc.)

We are world leaders in testing the genetic health of your embryos to give you the best possible chance of a successful pregnancy. The technique we use is called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), and we’re one of the few clinics in South-East Asia with the experience and the facilities to offer on-site comprehensive genetic screening of the early embryo. We have the internationally recognized expertise in PGD for known familial genetic disorders, such as beta thalassemia, allowing patients with these disorders to enter a pregnancy with the comfort of knowing the baby is not affected with the disorder. In addition this skill has led Superior A.R.T to become the regions leaders in HLA matching, having the regions first successful cure of an existing child using cord blood stem cell transplant.

Using PGD, we can recognise many problems early, we can exclude additional genetic factors that may hinder a successful pregnancy, and we can allow patients to have a healthier pregnancy quicker.

At Superior A.R.T. you can be assured of a positive supportive experience; please place your trust in us, and allow us to partner you in fulfilling your perfect family