IVF Award 2015 – a closer look at the winners: Instituto IGIN

Continiuing our closer look at the winners of the IVF Award 2015 we go through to one of our next winners which is Instituto IGIN clinic.

Located very near to the gorgeous Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park on more than 500m2 Instituto IGIN focuses very much on all the little details that increase the chances for great success in IVF with donor eggs. As a matter of fact the legal age limit for egg donors in Spain is 35 years but Instituto IGIN doesn’t accept older than 30! Rarely you can find this kind of staff which truly dedicate themselves to each patient individually. Instituto IGIN accepts only as much patients as they can handle because they put quality over quantity. Each patient is given as much time and effort as she needs.

Furthermore Instituto IGIN has an English speaking team and offers first visit consultation free of charge. Additionally they are known for being very friendly and use cutting edge technologies to provide the best quality of treatment.

All this but mainly the focus on each patient’s individual IVF with egg donation procedures was what made them the winners of the IVF Award 2015 in the Egg Donation Program category

If you want to learn more about the IVF Award 2015 winner – Instituto IGIN – visit their website here: www.institutoigin.com