IVF Award 2015 – a closer look at the winners: FERTICENTRO clinic

FERTICENTRO clinic lead by professor Isabel Torgal won the IVF Award 2015 in the category of Intimacy & Care. Experience makes FERTICENTRO experts in diagnosing and treating patient’s even with the most compliated cases of infertility.

Isabel Torgal is treating patients for many years now and doesn’t stop researching and looking for new methods to boost the chances of IVF procedures even more for each couple. All the couples are provided with a direct phone number to the doctor which is treating them and additionally the whole team monitores the all the different stages of the treatment. It is no surprise then that FERTICENTRO won the Intimacy & Care IVF Award 2015.

Furthermore FERTICENTRO was awarded with ISO 9001 in 2009 and was one of the first of the Iberian IVF clinics that achieved this goal. They are constantly introducing innovations to the assisted reproduction techniques in their treatments and that makes us think that we will probably see FERTICENTRO also in this year’s IVF AWARD.