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Please keep in mind that the advertised treatment costs may differ significantly from the reality. It happens for many reasons, one of which being the fact that each IVF clinic aims to present itself as the most affordable and competitive one in the market. Patients very often compare the treatment costs of various clinics. On the other hand, IVF treatment is always very individual and it may happen that it will be necessary for you to undergo additional tests, take additional medicines or have other lab techniques or procedures administered. These are the unpredictable aspects of IVF treatment but they are sure to happen. From this point of view, comparing the costs of different clinics seems to make no sense. However, one thing is true: although you are not able to specify the total treatment costs precisely, there are some price elements that will give an overall view of price levels at your chosen IVF clinic 

IVF cost may be higher than expected

When analysing different clinics’ offers, always pay attention to the cost of:

Only when you learn all the above costs, you will be able to more or less predict the price level of services provided by the IVF clinic of your choice.

IVF treatment quality is a key

In the case of IVF Clinics, the key is always the quality of treatment – and thus the effects that you can expect. Unfortunately, reproductive medicine is an area where there are still many things that doctors do not understand. This is one of the reasons why some patients fail to get pregnant after the first, second or even few IVF attempts. That’s why the quality and experience of the fertility centre in which you are being treated can be of great importance. Remember that usually experience and quality go hand in hand with high costs of treatment. Because of that, very cheap clinics should always be treated with limited trust and confidence. Unfortunately, a very cheap offer (and your savings the same time!) always result from the low costs of conducting medical activities – and thus from how the clinic works.

Of course, there are exceptions – but can you afford to search for such exceptions while you are struggling to become parents? Unfortunately, usually patients experience the consequences of their choice first-hand as it is difficult to find trusted sources that can clearly determine whether a given clinic is good or bad.

Also remember that in each clinic there are patients who do not complete IVF treatment successfully. Despite that, some clinics are able to make sure that these patients’ treatment experience is nothing but good. Of course, it is impossible to satisfy a patient who has invested a lot of money ineffectively. However, the IVF clinic can still prove that its team has done their best but the success of the program was probably beyond the possibilities of medicine.

The cheapest and the most expensive IVF clinics

If you are wondering which clinic to choose in a given country – and your immediate criterion is the budget – always choose clinics that are above the national average cost of treatment. In this way, the chances are that you will find a clinic that offers both good treatment effectiveness and good patient care.

Medical expenses and a limited budget

Even if you have a limited budget, do not choose the cheapest clinic in a given country.  Unless, of course, your choice is dictated by a particular reason, for example, an egg donor of your interest. A better solution in this situation is to choose a more expensive clinic in a cheaper destination. Remember that countries differ when it comes to the level of IVF treatment costs. For example,  – if you have a budget of EUR 6,500, you can choose either a cheaper IVF clinic in Spain or a more expensive one in Ukraine or the Czech Republic.

Cheap IVF clinics and the quality of treatment

Remember that when it comes to IVF treatment, cheap never means good. Of course, bargains may happen, but, to be honest, very rarely. A professional IVF clinic, which is focused on the quality of treatment, requires appropriate financial resources. Such a clinic should have an experienced team of doctors, embryologists, midwives / nurses and people helping to organise the entire treatment process. Equipping the clinic, including doctors’ offices and an embryological laboratory, is expensive. There are many elements in the IVF clinic on which you can save, but this usually does not go hand in hand with the quality and effectiveness of treatment.

IVF costs in popular destinations in Europe

We present costs as a value range price and not as the average. When analysing the clinics’ offers and the differences resulting from the costs of individual medical procedures and the way the offer is presented (e.g. a one–time fee package), it is very difficult to determine the average cost for a given country. Therefore, we decided to present the data on costs as a minimum/maximum cost range in a given country.

Please note: Presented costs include the basic elements of IVF programs. However, there are always additional expenses that should be counted in, such as qualification processes, medications, extra medical procedures, as well as flights and accommodation.

You may find detailed information about egg donation cost in popular destinations at – where you’ll also find out more about egg donation options in Europe.

If you’re interested in general IVF treatment options we encourage you to read about IVF costs abroad at

IVF costs in popular destinations in Europe
IVF with donor eggs costsIVF with own eggs costs
Spain€5,900 – €11,000€4,100 – €7,100
Czech Republic€4,500 – €8,000€2,700 – €5,700
North Cyprus€4,500 – €6,000€2,700 – €5,700
Greece€5,000 – €8,000€3,200 – €6,200
Ukraine€4,000 – €7,000€2,200 – €5,200
Poland€4,000 – €6,000€2,200 – €5,200
Russia€3,800 – €7,000€2,000 – €5,000
Latvia€5,000 – €8,000€3,200 – €6,200

IVF program costs

Do not forget that price offers clinics share with public may not always include all the important additional services. In order to know beforehand what you’re getting into, always check if there are not any shortcuts or hidden extras. It is definitely worth enquiring if the presented price contains the following components:

Make sure to ask your clinic of choice about ALL the costs included in their price quote!

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