COVID-19 and IVF – all you need to know – Interview with Dr. Thanos Paraschos

COVID-19 and IVF Expert Interview

This time we are talking to dr. Thanos Paraschos, IVF Specialist, Consultant Obstetrician – GynaecologistDirector of EmBIO Medical Center from Greece. COVID-19 things you should know What is your recommendation for patients who are thinking about starting IVF treatment? What’s the best option for them? Our clinic is following the guidance of ESHRE. ESHRE advises […]

IVF Abroad – Patient’s Guide – our personal experience

IVF Abroad - Patient's Guide

I started working on the Guide full of hope and good predictions. Our aim was to create an informative and objective guide for fertility patients travelling for IVF or egg donation abroad. In our case, ’objective’ means completely independent of IVF clinics. It’s a common thing for patients to turn to medical service providers directly […]

IVF Refund Guarantee Programs – the What, Why, and How

IVF refund program and guarantee

If you pay close attention to the IVF sphere, the term IVF refund guarantee may have caught your attention. At first, it does not seem very trustworthy; after all, we know that there are no guarantees in medicine. Upon closer inspection, however, we can quickly discover that these offerings should really be named “IVF Refund […]

IVF and gender selection in Europe

IVF an d gender selection in Europe

It is not uncommon that some couples wish to have a baby girl or a baby girl. Not so long ago gender selection was not possible but, nowadays, thanks to advanced science and medicine such additional procedure is available to IVF patients. Many American celebrities have taken the fate into their hands and picked the […]

IVF Abroad Patient's Guide - Ebook