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About us - Our Mission

First of all – we are people that experienced infertility problem and finally, after years of struggle, become parents. We are also patients who want to pass our knowledge and conclusions forward to other women, men and couples in need. That is why we have created a unique service that gathers useful information and the most important details about thousands of clinics around the world.

We have noticed that when you wonder which IVF program to choose, a trustworthy source of information as well as assistance from other more experienced patients, is invaluable. We decided to focus on in vitro fertilization but we also included additional procedures that may be used during treatment process.

We are also committed to our mission – we want to support transparency of clinics’ offers as we believe that clear rules and information policy may help patients to make better decisions.


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whereivf_logoAbout whereIVF.com

WhereIVF.com is the largest database of clinics which offers in vitro fertilization in different countries. It was created with a view to help patients find information about treatment options and make their decisions on what medical center to choose easier. For clinics it is a great place to show themselves, expose their advantages and results and entice users to visit their locations.

WhereIVF.com means:

  • practical information on clinics’ offers, success rates, experience and expertise
  • extended clinics’ browser – users can search medical centers on prices, experience, treatment options and success rates
  • opportunity to talk to other patients who underwent treatment in a particular clinic and share opinions
  • many functionalities that help to organize treatment abroad.
  • The clear and intuitive layout, grouped information and smart ratings render whereIVF.com a unique tool for infertile couples and trustworthy source of information.

Our mission
We are aware that information is power and transparency makes many decisions much easier. Our mission is to provide patients suffering from infertility with reliable information about clinics’ offer and treatment all around the world. We are sure that it is crucial in terms of trust and effectiveness of the therapy.

Every month our website is visited by thousands of patients determined to start their in vitro treatment in a clinic that offers transparent conditions and fully professional service. We believe that only on such basis one can build a sense of safety. Communicating clinic’s offer clearly is the best way to prove the quality of its service.

How we transfer our mission into practice
We cooperate with medical centers who specializes in in vitro fertilization and motivate them to share their knowledge. We talk to clinics and encourage them to present their offers in the most clear and understandable way possible.

ivf_trusted_clinic_logo_ndWe award credible centers with a Trusted Clinic Certificate. It confirms that a given clinic operates transparently and is and open to patients’ needs. We build the community of patients and let them share experiences and opinions about clinics and treatment options. All what we do, we do to support the transparency of treatment and better services for patients.

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