5 reasons to hop on the IVF Award bandwagon

The IVF Clinic Award is fast approaching. Clinics are already starting to applying for participation in this year’s edition. Here are 5 reasons to join the Awards if you still didn’t decide to do so.

1. Ride with the best in 1st class

The IVF Award doesn’t go to just any clinic, you have to earn it. Being in this narrow group of elite winners shows patients that your clinic provides only the highest quality of 1st class treatment and services.

2. Keep your reputation on the right tracks

When you participate in the IVF Award 2016 you have a lot to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. This year’s IVF Award could be the biggest of them all. Don’t risk missing out of it. Being among the IVF Award winners means building and strengthening your reputation and therefore having more patients.

3. Become the motivational conductor

The IVF Award will increase the morale and motivation of your staff, afer all the award is really a reward for the workers for making the clinic what it really is. Such an award shows them that what they do is recognized and that they can be proud of working there.

4. International branding

Your clinic’s brand will not only be recognized locally but internationally as well, thanks to the IVF Award. Thanks to this your Clinic will be more visible on the international medical tourism map and it will become easier to acquire patients from foreign countries.

The IVF Award will strenghten your clinics’ trustworthy image both among your partners, suppliers and potential patients.

5. Acquire exclusive services free of charge

The IVF Media including the Egg Donation Friends and WhereIVF webservices will provide your clinic with special, exclusive services including articles, adverisments and other publications completely free of charge.