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The Guide taught us the most important lesson, I think. We learned not to trust IVF clinics’ success rates entirely. We admit that we were tempted by them at first, they were our ‘beacon in the dark.’ Thanks to the Guide, we are more aware of what factors they usually depend on…

Adam from Australia

IVF in Europe - Costs, Law, Availability and Limits

What's in the IVF Abroad Guide?

Here is where you will find all you need to know about fertility treatment abroad, costs, the efficacy of IVF procedures and – the most important – legislation regulating medically assisted reproduction in 10 European countries. You will find there information about IVF with own eggs treatment and egg donation IVF in popular countries.

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Behind The IVF Abroad Guide

How to assure yourself a safe and satisfactory IVF treatment abroad?​

Increasing numbers of people are having to rely on medical help to conceive. With in vitro fertilisation (IVF) becoming increasingly popular, the tendency to look for treatment opportunities abroad is getting more common among patients worldwide. There are different and complex reasons for such a decision, including personal, social or financial factors.

IVF Abroad

Going overseas for IVF might be motivated by lower treatment costs, specific legal regulations, egg donor availability or clinical success rates. As services and costs vary considerably among different countries, the patient who considers travel must also spend time evaluating options to ensure their choice of country and clinic is the best one for them.

Check general information regarding popular IVF destinations:

IVF in Europe and reasons to go abroad

European countries rank highly amongst the most desirable IVF destinations. International patients who choose to travel to Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic for instance, are attracted both by exemplary healthcare standards and comfortable travel arrangements. Clinics in Europe continue to be popular due to advanced IVF techniques that significantly increase the chance of pregnancy and their liberal approach to fertility treatment. The latter has resulted in the development of a legal framework which allows for a diverse range of treatments.

Affordability and cost-effectiveness of the IVF treatment in Europe (as compared to other world’s top IVF destinations) are also key drivers for patients looking for help to conceive.

IVF Abroad – Patient’s Guide

“IVF Abroad Patient’s Guide” has been created to address patients’ most commonly asked questions and concerns. Our main goal is to walk you through all the essential issues and information you need to consider when you are thinking about travelling abroad for fertility treatment. We realise that such a decision is not an easy one and is also complex due to the number of treatment options and clinics on offer.

This Guide offers all the relevant IVF related information you need, packaged in what we feel is the most accessible format which is designed to make your fertility journey easier to manage. The Guide is intended to equip you with both the knowledge and confidence to contact clinics abroad and obtain information that will enable you to make an informed decision about your care and treatment.

IVF Abroad Guide – a reference point

We have put together an essential reference point which shares information on treatment prices; success rates and importantly, the legal framework which exists around assisted reproduction in the individual European countries.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us obtain all the necessary information for this Guide. We are especially grateful to the Ministries of Health and health organisations in the different countries as well as the IVF clinics which verified content.