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The IVF Award is growing more popular with each edition not only among IVF clinics but also the patients which are curious about the results. We organized a survey to find out just what the...

ivf award 2016

The IVF Clinic Award 2016 is getting closer and now is the right time to remind one of the last years winners of the IVF Clinic Award 2015.

IVF Award 2016

The IVF Clinic Award is fast approaching. Clinics are already starting to applying for participation in this year’s edition. Here are 5 reasons to join the Awards if you still didn’t...


FERTICENTRO clinic lead by professor Isabel Torgal won the IVF Award 2015 in the category of Intimacy & Care. Experience makes FERTICENTRO experts in...


IVF Riga swept the competition in this year's IVF Award in the category of IVF Program. They were able to do so thanks to the wise leadership of Dr. Violeta Fodina who...

IVF Award innovations IVF Spain

IVF Spain is well known and respected as a destination for IVF with egg donation not only in Europe. To stay among the best IVF Spain is investing in new technologies and innovations....


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